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The Story of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley
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Voices Over Passchendaele

The wartime story of the man who became the father of British Broadcasting.

As World War One starts, twenty-two year old Peter Pendleton Eckersley is aiming at refining the hopelessly inadequate radio sets being tested in the planes of the Royal Flying Corps. Grounded and sent back to England by his C.O. to the Brooklands Wireless Testing Development School in Surrey, Eckersley is about to make history.

A World War One play performed over armistice weekend in tribute to the fallen.

Using original props, uniforms and aircraft radios used in the trenches.

Bringing theatre to Northwood House for the first time, this new play will transport you back 100 years to the darkest days of WW1. It charts the struggle of one man as he fights to build radio equipment for the Royal flying Corps. Five years later he will build the BBC as it's first Chief engineer.

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November 2018.

The Cast and Crew


 • GABY – Hannah Brewer

• TOM ECKERSLEY – Patrick Barry


 • MAJOR C. E. PRINCE – Simon Lynch

 • NARRATOR – Fiona Gwimmett

 • Writer and Staging - Felicity Fair Thompson

 • Writer and WW1 Historian - Tim Wander

 • Director – Maureen Sullivan

 • Lighting and Sound – Jo Thornton

 • Recorded by Isle of Wight Film Club at Northwood House


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