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The Story of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley
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The Man behind the Microphone

The continuing story of the birth of British radio broadcasting and life of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley, Pioneer of WW1 aircraft radio voice development, as he moves into civilian life and joins the Marconi Company to work on the first civolian aviation air traffic control systems. A brilliant engineer and the power behind the first microphones of British radio, he was also a tortured genius. Raconteur, risqué wit, humourist and bon viveur, Peter was also staunchly anti-authoritarian with a profound dislike of pomposity and establishment. He could be the life and soul of every party, but his lifestyle cost him a career he loved. He was also, at times, a self destructive womanizer.

Friday 13th March and Saturday 14th March 2020.

The Cast and Crew


 • ARTHUR BURROWS - Karl Whitmore

 • NOEL ASHBRIDGE - Jason Harris

 • NORA SCOTT - Anna Mallard

 • JOHN REITH - David Stradling

 • STELLA ECKERSLEY - Emilee Martin

 • DOROTHY CLARK - Doris Doollaly

 • Directed by Maureen Sullivan

 • Written by Tim Wander

 • Sound and Lights - Joanne Thornton and Kev Weeden.

 • Recorded by Isle of Wight Film Club at Northwood House


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