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The Story of Captain Peter Pendleton Eckersley
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2 Emma Toc Writtle

In early February 1922, from a small ex-army hut in a field just outside the Essex village of Writtle near Chelmsford a small team or pioneering wireless engineers working for the Marconi company established Britain's first regular radio broadcasting station. In its short year long history, the station using the call sign of 2MT, or as it soon became known to its many fans - Two Emma Toc quickly became a broadcasting legend.
Led by Captain P.P. Eckersley, the world's first DJ, wireless comic and the power behind the microphone 2MT at Writtle defined the ground rules for broadcasting as we know it today. The first fan club, children's section, wireless play, comedian, guest artists, competitions and madcap antics at 2MT have been described as being the forerunner of the Goon shows nearly 40 years later.
It's small wonder that apart from one engineer who stayed with the Marconi Company at Writtle all others went on to join and help establish the British Broadcasting Company.
There are no recordings of Writtle broadcasts known to exists, apart for some recreations made by Peter Eckersley for the tenth anniversary of the BBC.
Tim Wander's radio play made with the BBC faithfully recreates the Writtle broadcasts from the original scripts and archive files and allows Two Emma Toc to take to the airwaves again.

The Cast and Crew

 • PETER ECKERSLEY – John Glasscock

 • NOEL ASHBRIDGE – Steve Hales

• HARRY KIRK – Tony Rolls

 • TB WYNN – Keith Flack

 • BASIL MACLARTY – Andy Morton

 • EDWARD TRUMP – Mike Hogg

 • ELIZABETH BESSON - Angela Neville

 • NARRATOR - David Shaked

 • ADDITIONAL PARTS – Ben Williams and Edmund Hind

 • Written By – Tim Wander

 • Additional Scripting – Dennis Rocard

 • Directed By – Dennis Rocard

 • Recorded by Hosiprog Productions - Essex

The theme music is taken in part from the work, Fisher's Boarding House by Percy Grainger and performed by the BBC Philharmonic and available on Chandos CD CHAN 9493

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